Born in 1995, the young rising sensation from Puerto Rico is making names after the release of his debut album in 2019, Tarantula. Danny Towers surprised everyone by doing what he had never done before, highlighting his unique style. The hip-hop singer and rapper from the United States, with several amazing songs like ‘How you feel’, ‘Just a year ago’, ‘Today’ and ‘Dope and a baby’, 

became the voice of men with his song ‘What to do’ in his debut album Tarantula. Produced under the production of Pilotkid and directed and edited by Cole Bennett, ‘What to do’ corroborates the prowess of all the teams who worked to make the song. Below is the list of the entire team involved in the making of ‘what to do.’

 Directed and Edited by Cole Bennett 

Song Produced by PilotKid 

Director of Photography – Michael Stine 

Steadicam – Xavier Thompson 

VFX – Scissor Films 

Production Design – Fusina Designs 

Intro Card Titles by Jake Brode Gaffer – Ronnie Gotch 

Key Grip – Andrey Prikazchikov 

1st AC – Alan Chavarria 

2nd AC – Josh Brogogini 

Associate Producer – Jake Millan 

Line Producer – Carla Michelle Johnson 

Executive Producer – Sal Tarantino


Famous for the D Scheme tracks, Danny Towers is an acclaimed rapper. However, his singing skills are no less. Distinctive from the previous hyped songs of the singer, ‘What to do’ had more of a 70s pop song theme. The song sounded retro with the laid back instrumentals resembling the 70s disco club vibes. Danny’s vocals complemented the foot-tapping music and stood out in the whole song.  

The fun bars and flow in the lyrics made the song a lot more interesting. Though the lyrics were short and simple; for me, the thirst to listen to the song wasn’t quenched completely in this 2 minutes and 16 seconds video song. I wished the song to be a bit longer as it had all to immerse the listener into it. However, the chorus part “Don’t know what to do, oh, man, I don’t know what to do, oh, yeah

 I don’t know what to do, oh, yeah, I don’t know what to do, oh, man, Oh, yeah, oh, man” is so addicting that it keeps playing in the listeners head, hours or even days after listening to the song. Trust me, it really is that addicting!

The video of the song had effects unique to Cole Bennett. We all know such a creative video can only be directed by Cole Bennett. Though the song is shot in different settings, the compilation of the shots is appreciable. The colors yellow and blue were evidently seen in different objects in similar settings which highlight the attention to details given by the production team. The lighting also seems to perfect in all the shots and complements the situation and setting of the scene. While we commend the team involved in the making of the song, the singer needs to be praised for his stunning acting skills. The way he stays in the mood in and according to different settings is commendable.

The video includes some great VFX too. My favorite definitely has to be the 3-D extrusion effect, where the words extrude out of the wall painting. Again, the contrast of colors in the painting made the shot even more appealing. The milk splash simulation also proves the expertise of the Scissor Films’ VFX team. The psychedelic distortion in the concert scene and flaring of glasses and teeth also manifest the creativity of the VFX team. You can check out the VFX breakdown video here


For the promotion of his video song, Danny Towers intelligently chooses Lyrical Lemonade to boost his video song views. We’re all aware of some great songs Lyrical Lemonade has worked in. 

Danny Towers is a rapper from Orlando,Florida, who began his rapping career at the age of 14. The twenty-five year old is famous for his standouts inclusive of ‘Greekin’, ‘Motel Hell’ and ‘Trauma’. Danny Towers has worked in collaboration with different artists, including D Schemes, Nell, Lil Yachty, and many more. 

‘What to do’ is a sweet journey with a surprise performance of Danny Towers for his fans. Overall the song sounded happy and had good vibes. Become one of the kZ5V-6UBBLs viewers by clicking here



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