The Grammy-nominated rapper, DaBaby, went from “Pop Star” to “Rockstar” as he fends off a zombie attack alongside rapper Roddy Ricch in the wild video of their epic collaboration, “Rockstar.” The single was a massive hit and debut at No. 9 on the Billboard Hot 100. The seven-minute clip charged with a guitar-heavy trap rhythm hits home as both rappers threw in powerful symbolism in the chorus between guns and guitars. The top 10 hit comes from DaBaby’s most recent album, Blame It on Baby, which cinched the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200.

The action-packed video will get your adrenaline pumping with guns blazing and blood splattering everywhere. Both the rappers are seen heavily armed and stuck in the woods as they aim to take out a swarm of bloodthirsty living dead. The standout track perpetually intensifies with plenty of over-the-top actions until the listeners are propelled to a more relaxed sequence as both the rappers are seen performing in an open field. Both DaBaby and Roddy Ricch are backed up by a group of zombies, strumming guitars and dancing to the beats. One of them is the track’s producer, SethInTheKitchen, decked out in a fancy tuxedo as he plays the piano. He co-wrote the lyrics of the song with both rappers.

The utterly immersive storytelling and direction in the video by Reel Goats Production really brought the creative vision for this banger to life. The track opens with an eerie demeanor; a haunting and unfamiliar sonic territory with a zombie dragging a broken foot, smearing blood all over the ground. Besides the mind blowing visuals and swaggering tune, the highlight of this song is that the rapper gets quite personal in his verses . The song’s lyrics chronicle the rapper’s lifestyle, which is highlighted by big money, fame, love for his family, and trauma.

Verse 1

I’m really the baby, she know that her youngest son was always guaranteed to get the money (Okay, let’s go)

She know that her baby boy was always guaranteed to get the loot

She know what I do, she know ‘fore I run from a nigga, I’ma pull it out and shoot (Boom)

For instance, Dababy declares his love for his son in these verses and that he will always take care of him. He also puts forth his reasoning for taking the moniker “DaBaby,” stating he is his mother’s youngest son, her “baby boy.”

Verse 2

PTSD, I’m always waking up in cold sweats like I got the flu

My daughter a G, she saw me kill a nigga in front of her before the age of two

And I’ll kill another nigga too

‘Fore I let another nigga do somethin’ to you

Long as you know that, don’t let nobody tell you different

Daddy love you (Yeah, yeah)

 In these verses, DaBaby recounts the infamous incident from 2018 when he shot an armed robber dead after an altercation in a supermarket in front of his daughter, who was a toddler at that time (the charges of rapper’s concealed weapon were dropped by the prosecutors later).

The credit goes behind the scenes footage, and the fans get a sneak peek of the real deal and the artistic direction of James Rico. The team is seen working in sync with the rapper and ensuring that all the stunts’ preps are on point. However, DaBaby gets in a teensy bit of trouble as he misses the mark and slips. It’s real sweat, pain, and hard work folks, not just the glitz and glam we usually get to see later on TV. It was a fun clip to watch though, as the rapper cracks a joke about it.

One of the most captivating visual effects that satiated our knack for all the Matrix vibes was the slow-mo of the bullet tearing through the air as DaBaby took a shot at the zombie. The uber-talented Scissor Films’ VFX producer, Joe Grayem, has really outdone himself with DaBaby’s “Rockstar.” The visual effects team has set the bar high for their new projects with this video. Renee Goodwin is a super talented makeup artist, and this video is proof of that, but it wasn’t just the makeup. The special effects and CGI combined with the zombie makeover really brought the video together. Both directors of photography, Logan Meis and James Rico, skillfully captured the wild drama in a calmer and creative manner. They brought in an impressive spark to this surprisingly introspective themed song. This track is the first collaboration between Roddy Ricch and DaBaby. Currently, with over
million views, the addicting song continues to make the fans rave in the YouTube comments every time they tune into it. Find some of the dope fan comments below!

@Lee Conol

This song is so good I’m not even into this music but this got me attention

@jess didit

This mans need to direct a movie or something. Shit he really is a Goat, he could have just made a simple video, but went above and beyond.


Me tryna put this song on to listen to but ends up watching the music video everytime😂💯

@Cameron Read

dababy is da best raper ever man i listen to him every day on my headphones and blasting them at full volume

So, if you want to quench your thirst for an action-packed, apocalyptic, zombie-killing spree with some great vocals and music to back it up, become one of the mxFstYSbBmc viewers by clicking here!

Make sure to check out the visual effects breakdown video here. For more amazing content on VFX, you can rifle through Scissor Films’ Instagram here.


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