The forever energetic rap legend, Busta Rhymes, dropped his banging new driving song, “YUUUU”, featuring .Paak via The Conglomerate Entertainment and  Inc./EMPIRE. The song appears on Rhymes’ highly anticipated album, Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath of God, released in October 2020. The star-studded album marks the first solo LP from the New York rapper in nearly eight years, since 2012’s ‘Year Of The Dragon’. This epic collaboration between both artists for the song, “YUUUU,” brings infectious and chillaxed vibes that bridge the old-school with modern-day rap. The accompanying monochromatic video is directed by Benny Boom and Busta Rhymes, with creative direction from Sam Lecca. The rap-video veteran, Benny Boom, is also the filmmaker behind Tupac’s biopic, All Eyez On Me. Well, do I even need to say anything anymore?

The aesthetics of this black and white mini-movie surely reminds the viewers of Sin City. The sparkling production has both artists playing roles as elite assassins and plotting each other’s demises. There’s no debate that cinematography is the most difficult of all cinematic skills, but the director of photography, Zeus Morand, seems to ace the game in Anderson .Paak and Busta Rhymes’ collab, “YUUUU”. It’s like poetry on canvas. The heavy tinges of red and splashes of other hues added beautiful contrasts to the monochromatic vibe. The video is infused with dramatic and comical effects courtesy of Scissor Films. The VFX producer, Sam Milko, sprinkled a tinge of drama with falling bullets, sparkling diamonds, curved-bullet thing from the movie “Wanted,” and massive cartoonish explosions. It created an artistic synergy with the mob-inspired narrative that flowed through the video. Like all the other things, outfits are on point as well! Rhymes is seen dressed in an all-white attire while .Paak wears an all-black outfit. Both artists are being super fancy flashing money, showing off their diamonds, and driving Maybach that match their outfits. SUGA J and Shade Marshele provided the outfits for the track, and it suffices to say they did a tremendous job as both artists look heart-throbbing dappers.

As I have dissected the visual aesthetics of the video, now let’s take a look at the song’s lyrics. .Paak co-wrote the lyrics with Trevor Smith ¬– provided vocals and produced the beat for the song. The staccato track is more metaphorical than literal. The song oozes the determination to change course and making sure that the unfinished business is taken care of. Rhymes didn’t hold back and kicked off the high-octane verses with full throttle. In the echoing ad-libs, we get to hear him singing, “Double triple check, check. Feeling like you owe a couple of checks” implying being on a run and trying to escape from getting hunted. .Paak comes in with his full rapper mode on that we don’t get to see as often–adding to the track’s melody with a slow tempo-ed chorus singing, “I had to bust a yuuuu, came right back to get that loot. Know I had to finish what I started, No it ain’t too late to turn around is it.”

Using his signature deep vocals with a unique twist, Rhymes proclaims through repeating his ad-libs, “now I’m getting back like I never left, or like I never left” highlighting that he is the king of the genre and now he’s back to sit on his throne. Then he spits the bars in his signature fast flow as he raps, “do not come after me, nah you don’t wanna do that n*gga, and I’m hoping that you all agree you don’t want a problem.” .Paak finishes the song with the perfect verse, “know I had to finish what I started, no it ain’t too late to turn around is it.” .” This exciting flow of lyrical battle between the singers is exciting to watch as they compete against each other. Both artists kept outsmarting each other and failed to defeat one another. The audience gets a glimpse of the quirky chemistry and trust issues as the video comes to an end with Rhymes and .Paak shaking hands and calling it a truce–holding explosions behind their backs.

This video is the embodiment of how far the production and creative teams will go to create iconic videos that wow audiences. Believes me, guys! Making a video is no joke. Sometimes songs are great, but their videos fall short of bedazzling the audience. However, this enthralling music video is a visual treat. The special lighting effects ignited the already-vibrating and rhythmic visuals of the song. Also, a big shout out to Big Kamera for the incredible editing, as the audience gets to see the rappers dropping their verses in a fun and springy back-and-forth edit.

If you haven’t listened to the song yet, then I would highly recommend that you go and check it out this very moment. Trust me when I tell you, you’ll have this song on repeat. I’ll make it easier for you by dropping the link. Stream “YUUUU” featuring Anderson .Paak and become one of the f9wNNpNrXPA viewers by clicking here. For those who aspire to make their career in the VFX industry, I highly recommend you to watch the VFX break down video on Scissor Films YouTube channel here. You’ll get a detailed glimpse of all the fancy work they’ve done for “YUUU”. 


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